Displaced, Misplaced, and Well​-​Placed Affection

by Feelin Strange



songs of unrequited love and affection and the requited kind!


released April 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Feelin Strange California

a california sinner, makin music about anything and everything, mostly about love though i mean what can i say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Track Name: tu as fait mal mon âme
tu as fait mal mon âme
say you're sorry for the harm you've done
i've never met somebody so nonchalant
when they are breaking someone else's heart
your heart must be ice cold
your heart must be darker than the void, you know...
tu as fait mal mon âme
say you're sorry for the pain you've caused
cause my heart was stung
and the harm was done
say you're sorry for the harm you've done
Track Name: can't you/don't you feel that?
can't seem to find my way home
i've been searching all night long
i keep calling out your name
but i guess no one's there
i'll be stepping on every crunchy leaf i see
with the hopes that the sound will carry down the street
and you'll wake from hibernation
and come out on your front porch and kiss me on the cheek
can't you see that i'm in love with you
can't you feel that (x4)
i feel it in my bones
i feel it on my tongue
i feel it in my toes
i feel it in the goosebumps and chills i get whenever you're near
dont' you feel that (x3)
Track Name: a spell for my lover
making sigils for you
i'll leave them on your window sill before I go
packaging crystals for you
and leaving them in your pillowcase while i'm gone
i hope that you think of me when i'm nowhere to be found
i hope that you still feel me when i'm not around
crafting spells for you under the power of the full moon
i speak these spells for you cause all i want for you is the best
when i'm gone i hope you think of me as much as i think of you
when you're gone i hope that i can see you real soon
the craft has prepared for all sorts of things
but missing you like this was entirely unforeseen
i hope that you're doing well
Track Name: untitled
i see paradise
when I look in your eyes
so pardon me if i can't look away
you're just so enchanting
i cant seem to steady my heart when i look at your face
and when i'm holdin' your hand
i feel i understand the little joys the world has to offer
when i'm feelin' your warmth and knowing that you're the one for me
huzzah hooray i'm in love today
i wouldn't trade this feeling for anything
huzzah hooray i'm in love today
i wouldn't trade this feeling for anything
it's true simplicity at the finest degree
i'm in love
i'm in love