Songs To Hum Along To (When You're Missing Me)

by Feelin Strange



songs about no one in particular (if you think it's about you maybe you're just a narcissist)


released June 19, 2017

i would like to thank my mom for making so cool



all rights reserved


Feelin Strange California

a california sinner, makin music about anything and everything, mostly about love though i mean what can i say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Track Name: i wanna cry (and maybe die)
sittin in your backyard
here's another memory of us kissin in your car
i wanna cry
yeah i said it i wanna cry
but you'll never see me cry
sittin on my kitchen counter
as i watch you slowly count the hours
i wanna die
maybe not die
but definitely cry
Track Name: daydreaming (of you)
i found the time
to daydream with you on my mind
it's been a rough couple of months
without you on my side
every night i cry
sometimes i wish that i would die
but i just daydream instead
ooh thoughts of you completely fill my head
can you feel me when i'm thinkin of you
i hope that you want to be near me
as much as i want to be near you
as much as i want to be near you
Track Name: with me
i would swim across the seven seas
if you'd asked me politely
and i would venture into any foreign country
if i knew you'd be right there with me
so come with me
with me
with me
come with me
with me
with me
and if you decide that you don't want me
i'll hold you in my heart
but if you come back to retrieve me
and you want to restart
it won't be with me
with me
with me
not with me
with me
with me
cause you had me
and you lost me
Track Name: bad boys r no fun
i did some sinnin'
just to fit in
with the likes of you
but now i'm sittin'
in this prison
swarmed with thoughts of you
bad boys they're no fun
they'll smile in your face
and then tell everyone
how fun you've become
then toss you to the side when they're all done
i've done my time now
i've wondered why and how
i let those bad boys influence me
my head is cleared now
i've got no fears now
and i'll never let those bad boys get to me
Track Name: 2good2btrue
if you ask me you're too good to be true
but that's never stopped you from you being you
if i had my way you'd be mine forever
but i guess i don't
that's not making it better
maybe one day i'll let you hear this song
and i hope on that day you'll be hummin' along
until that day i guess i'll shy away
and i guess my true feelings won't be heard today
they won't be heard today
Track Name: feelin strange ft. mariah mendes - vulgar mood
i was in a vulgar mood
when i met with you at half past two
spilt tea in your room
spilt tea all over your room
i don't want you to think badly of me
but you seem to bring out the worst in me you see
i just want you to think highly of me
but you put me in such a vulgar mood this evening
now we're downstairs
and no i won't apologize for kicking over all your chairs
you must notice it too
i'm in such a vulgar mood
spilt split pea soup all over you
cause i'm in such a vulgar mood
now we're standin outside
as we watch the flames rise
i set fire to the inside
all your memories'll burn
all your memories are burning
i'm in such a vulgar mood
we're both in such a vulgar mood
dude what's up with your bad attitude
is it cause i put you in such a vulgar mood
Track Name: ur legendary~!
i think you might put the stars in my night sky
but i know you don't even try
and i think you may be the blooming flowers on my spring day
but i know i meant to stay away
but i cant resist
you always find new ways to pull me back in
just give me a kiss and send me on my way
you'll never see me again
darlin' sometimes it's scary
cause you are legendary
you're legendary
Track Name: plasticwaste
i'm a little plastic bag
you can put me on your head
to shield you from the rain
i'm a little rubber glove
put me on to keep your hands clean
while you're playin in the mud
i'm a little plastic cup
fill me up and take a sip
i'm any liquid that you want
i'm useless until you find new ways to use me
i am something
just cause you told me i can be
without you i am nothing
without you i'm plastic waste